Lanza’s new paper published in leading physics journal

Observers determine the structure of spacetime itselfThe paper—published in the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (one of the world’s leading journals in cosmology & astrophysics, covering the latest developments and breakthroughs including Stephen Hawking’s groundbreaking work on the evolution...

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Lanza and Podolskiy’s paper is the cover story of Annalen der Physik, which published Einstein’s theories of special and general relativity

On Decoherence in Quantum Gravity In his papers on relativity, Einstein showed that time was relative to the observer. This new paper takes this one step further, arguing that the observer creates it. The paper shows that the intrinsic properties...

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Lanza Featured in OMNI MAGAZINE’s Collector’s Edition

Omni Magazine is back. Featured story: Building Doctor Who’s Time MachineWhat if you could travel through time just like you navigate space? The journey starts here

Lanza named head of Astellas global regenerative medicine

“Robert Lanza, one of the most prominent scientists in the field of stem cell biology, on Monday said he will lead global regenerative medicine research at Astellas Pharma Inc., the Japanese drug maker that acquired his Massachusetts company this month....

Lanza gives opening address at the Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair

Lanza delivered the opening address to the judges and students at the Official Opening of 2015 MSSEF held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MSSEF was founded by the prestigious American Academy of Arts & Sciences and

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